The 5èmes Capitaine on a field trip


 » On Friday 5th (of) October, the 5èmes Capitaine WENT out on a FIELD TRIP, HEADING FOR the SHORE.  Their goal was to COLLECT drift wood and other material for their art project. They are NOW working on the lagoon to UNDERSTAND how it works and how fragile it is. They WILL BE BACK at the same place at the end of November to create art installations on the WHITE SAND BEACH. Pictures will come to show their MASTERPIECES 🙂


NB: If you want to support them you can go and BUY yourself something at the shop at school which opens every morning. All the profits will benefit their project.



WENT: passé ( prétérit) de GO

a FIELD TRIP: « un terrain voyage » = un voyage de terrain, une sortie scolaire

HEAD FOR: mettre le cap vers

the SHORE: = the COAST, la côte

COLLECT: récupérer

NOW: maintenant

UNDERSTAND: comprendre

WILL: mot ( modal) qui sert à marquer le futur

BE BACK: être de retour

WHITE: blanc

SAND: sable

BEACH: plage

BUY: acheter

MASTERPIECE: chef- d’oeuvre  »